The Mission: Why we’re here

Our mission at Friendly Teachers is to help people all over the world become fluent in English. Our team of teachers and growing number of students can now be found on four different continents. This is a hugely exciting time for language learners everywhere; thanks to the internet, the world’s best English teachers are now only a mouse click away.

The Platform: How we do it

Friendly Teachers is an online learning platform where English language students can take one-to-one lessons with the best English teachers available anywhere in the world. All of our teachers have had many years of classroom experience and also, more importantly, online teaching experience. We only invite the very BEST teachers to join our team and we adhere to a high level of recruitment favoured by the British council and the world’s top Universities. As a result of this, in more than 3000 one-to-one Skype lessons, all of our teachers have consistently received 5 star reviews from our students. This is something we are very proud of and is a standard we will strive to maintain.

All lessons take place using video chat software. Most students prefer Skype, but we are noticing an increase in alternative products. We ensure that our teachers have access to all available video chat software so that our student’s needs are always met.

The Team

Friendly Teachers is a technology company founded by close friends and family, brought together by a passion to help people to achieve their language goals. Our product was launched in 2015 and our teachers have already taught more than 2500 lessons to almost 1000 students.

A message from Michael: The future

Our ultimate long term goal is to create a charity that will provide disadvantaged children and adults with the opportunity to learn English from language teachers located anywhere the world. The internet has provided unlimited opportunities for people everywhere, even for us personally – Stephanie & I now have the opportunity to work from home and be around our son, while also working to help people around the world better themselves.

Learning a new language opens so many new doors and gives so many opportunities, we want everyone to be able to have this chance. Why shouldn’t a child in Cambodia have the same opportunities as a Japanese businessman? We want to give everyone the chance to better themselves. With access to reliable internet, an experienced, professional language teacher in England can teach a child in Cambodia without either needing to travel anywhere. This is the future of language learning and I’m incredibly excited to be a part of it.

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