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Hello! I’m Sayaka, I am a TEFL qualified and passionate teacher of beginner level English to students from Japan. I recently spent one and a half years living in Canada where I worked at a hotel and in a cafe. I really enjoyed my life over there, especially being able to regularly interact with native English speakers. To have that opportunity was amazing for me as since I was a child I have loved the English language and wanted to speak it fluently.

Over the last few years I’ve worked really hard to improve my English and I am of course still learning now (I sometimes still take lessons with Michael!). The most important thing in my opinion is that my students have to enjoy the journey of learning English, not only in our lessons together but also outside of class. I can help with tips on how to continue learning in your own time with fun activities such as watching Hollywood movies, finding fun videos on youtube, how to understand interesting articles on your own and even having the confidence to talk with English speakers you meet in your daily life. The key to fast progress is not to be afraid of making mistakes, to accept mistakes as a natural process of learning will lead to very quick improvement.

In just two years of using these methods, and with Michael’s fantastic online lessons, I went from beginner level of English to being good enough to work on the front desk of a hotel in Canada, and qualify as an English teacher for beginners. Now I want to share my experiences and give you tips on how you can improve and progress with your English as quickly as I did. Also, as I am native Japanese I can tell you in detail the differences between the two languages, especially the more complicated things like grammar and pronunciation.

Please take a Trial Lesson with me and we can discuss everything in a bit more detail. I’m looking forward to meeting you!


Lesson Trial
Lesson Trial

Unsure what lesson to choose? Then let’s have a chat to help you decide!

Speaking lesson
Speaking lesson

Talking with a native English teacher will improve your vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, grammar, and natural daily English conversation skills.

Description Lesson
Description Lesson

Do you have trouble expressing yourself in English? Does it take you too long to think of a word? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then this is the perfect lesson for you!

Reading lesson
Reading lesson

Reading improves pronunciation, increases vocabulary, improves your spoken and written sentence structure and helps you to develop a high level of natural fluency.

 All-in-1 Lesson
All-in-1 Lesson

Our most popular lesson – this is a mix of everything you need to instantly improve your English fluency. You will notice instant improvements.

TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language)

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