How to improve listening skills using movies

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I am often asked by students for advice on how to improve listening skills. One of my favourite methods to improve listening when practicing a new language is to combine it with something I enjoy, for example, watching an episode of my favourite TV show or movie. Below is the five step method that I follow for an hours lesson, try it yourself – I promise it will help!

  1. Choose an episode of your favourite TV show, the shorter the length the better, just watching a short part will work fine (15 minutes is perfect).
  2. Watch it dubbed in your own language.
  3. Watch it again dubbed in your own language but with English subtitles.
  4. Watch it in English and also keep the English subtitles on.
  5. Watch it in English with no subtitles.

You can of course remove steps if you don’t feel like watching the same thing four times, but I have found this really works as you can really understand what is happening and get a great understanding for the language used.

Happy studies!

Vocabulary help:

combine – to do two activities at the same time.

method – a way of doing something.

dubbed – to change the sounds and speech on a film or television programme, to a different language.

subtitles – words shown at the bottom of a film or television program to explain what is being said.


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