Free English Speaking Practice (Part 1).

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Here’s a super-useful technique for English speaking practice you can do at home:

Record yourself speaking.

Yep, that’s it. Simply listen to a native speaking, then record yourself saying the same thing…

It’s simple. It’s easy. And best of all – it’s FREE!

I know, I know…listening to a recording of yourself is not something a lot of us enjoy doing…(my wife really hates it!) but this is an amazingly effective way to practice pronunciation. Below, I’ve broken it down into five simple steps that will have you practicing your English pronunciation using a fun, effective method without spending a cent:

Step 1: Find a Youtube clip with subtitles (look for ‘CC’ along the bottom bar) or even better, use a website that provides both reading and listening actvities. (I highly recommend, a fantastic free website providing excellent reading and multi-speed listening practice).

English speaking practice

Look for the ‘cc’ written on the bottom bar (it’s difficult to see, but its on the bottom right, fifth to the left in a little white box).

Step 2: Read along while listening carefully to the person speaking.

Step 3: Record yourself reading the text aloud.

Step 4: Compare the pronunciation differences.

Step 5: Try and try again!

That’s it! Simple! And remember, the more recordings that you do, the more natural you will notice your pronunciation becoming.

The great thing about this is that any free voice recorder app for your smartphone or tablet will work great (I recommend Smart Voice Recorder for androids or Voice Recorder for Apple products).

Also, don’t forget that many phones and laptops come with built in voice recorders already – so if you want, you can start practicing right now!

So what are you waiting for? Start recording yourself now and using it for English speaking practice, and improve your English pronunciation today!

Good luck!


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