Free English Speaking Practice (part 2).

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Here’s the second and final part of my tips for free English speaking practice!

This one is simple, it’s fun and we can all do it (some better than others!):


That’s right – sing! whether it’s in the shower, while you’re driving, doing karaoke, or just sitting around the house. Singing is a great way to practice your English pronunciation.


Better buy some of these for your family and friends!

These days, the lyrics to most modern pop songs use very common vocabulary (not too many Bob Dylan’s or David Bowie’s around any more!). By singing along, not only are you able to practice your pronunciation, but you will also learn lots of useful natural expressions, idioms, and phrasal verbs.

Try it now, listen to your current favourite song and sing along! If you are really enthusiastic, try using a website like, so that you can actually see the lyrics while you are singing them. This gives you the chance to highlight the words and phrases that you are not sure about and either ask an English native speaker about them (comment below with your questions and I’ll get straight back to you!) or check in a dictionary.

Have fun singing!



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