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Do you have trouble expressing yourself in English? Does it take you too long to think of a word? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these questions, then this is the perfect lesson for you!

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Who can take this lesson?

Students of all levels who have trouble expressing themselves in English will benefit, but this lesson is probably best for intermediate level and above.

What happens in this lesson?

This is a challenging yet hugely rewarding lesson in which you can:
describe what you can see using carefully selected photographs.
answer fun questions in as much detail as possible.

Your teacher will then focus on your sentence structure and grammar, teach you new vocabulary to express yourself better and help you with your pronunciation.

Still unsure?

This is an original lesson, created by the teachers of this website. The progress achieved in this lesson is amazing! You will be having fun whilst also improving all areas of your English, and best of all – you will start to notice the improvement almost immediately! 

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