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You might have seen a story on the news recently about an English football (soccer) team called Leicester City! Their unbelievable success story will be talked about in the sporting world for many years to come!

Football terms and phrases can be difficult to understand so we decided to give you all a quick list of words and phrases you might hear or read about Leicester’s incredible story. We have also included a quick tip on how to correctly pronounce their name when speaking with your friends and colleagues!

Leicester: pronounced ‘Less-ter‘, the ‘ter’ sound is short, like when saying the word ‘after’.


Now you can correctly say their name, it’s time to learn and understand the most common phrases currently trending online and on the news:

underdogs: the person or team that is expected to lose…

– Leicester City winning the league is the greatest underdog story ever. 

5000/1 outsiders: 5000/1 is the odds given by bookmakers*, at the start of the season if you were to bet £1 on Leicester to win the league, today you would be collecting £5001 in winnings!

shock winners: very unexpected/surprise winners

– Leicester City are shock winners of the Premier League. 

biggest upset of all time: upset has a different meaning when used in sport, we call something an ‘upset’ when the underdog has defeated the bigger and better team(s).

– Leicester City have caused the biggest sporting upset of all time by winning the Premier League.

miracle: an event or achievement that is unusual, unbelievable and thought to be impossible.

– Leicester winning the Premier League is a sporting miracle! 

sporting immortality: remembered forever in the sporting world.

– Leicester City’s players have achieved sporting immortality by winning the league title. 

the talk of the sporting world: everybody with an interest in sport is talking about it.

– Leicester City are the talk of the sporting world.

relegation favourites: the team everybody (in particular the bookmakers) thought would get relegated.

– Leicester City began the season as relegation favourites. 

non-league football: In England we have four professional football leagues, leagues below are semi-professional / amateur, where most of the players work a normal 9-5 job and only play football part time.

– Leicester City’s top scorer Jamie Vardy was playing non-league football only 4 years ago. 

from zero to hero: Thanks to Cecil on Facebook for suggesting this one! It means to go from the bottom to the top very quickly! Also can be used to refer to people or things who have gone from nothing to being very successful very fast.

– in just one year Leicester City have gone from zero to hero! 

*Bookmakers (bookies) – a place to bet/gamble money

**Are there any other words that you’ve heard or read that you are uncertain of? Comment below and we’ll add them to this list for you!**

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