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To celebrate Spring finally arriving in England today, I’ve created a list of all the different types of weather I can think of, and some useful weather vocabulary for each one…if you can think of any that I have forgotten, add them to the comments section!


bright: (adjective) when the sun is shining and you need to think about wearing your sunglasses.

sunny: (adjective) when the sun is shining and there are no clouds, you definitely need your sunglasses!

clear: (adjective) no clouds are in the sky.

fine: (adjective) no rain today, not too hot, a spring day in England.

partially cloudy: (adjective) when you can see blue sky and also clouds.

cloudy: (adjective) lots of clouds in the sky.

overcast: (adjective) very grey, lots of clouds, no chance of sunshine or blue sky. London.

gloomy: (adjective) lots of dark clouds and not very bright; depressing.

Sometimes the cloud comes down to the ground level and it becomes difficult for us to see, in this case we use these words:

fog (noun)/ foggy (adjective): thick cloud, can’t see far more than a few metres.

mist (noun) / misty (adjective): light fog, can see far, looks beautiful on hills and mountains.

haze (noun) / hazy (adjective): lighter than mist, usually caused by heat.


drizzle: (verb/noun) when it rains very lightly with very small drops.

shower: (noun) a short period of quite heavy rain.

downpour: (noun) a longer period of quite heavy rain.

pour: (verb) used when talking about heavy rain.

it’s raining cats and dogs: (Idiom) When it is pouring outside.

torrential rain: (noun) very, very heavy rain! Can be used to describe monsoon rains.


hail: (noun/verb) when frozen rain falls as small balls of ice. (also sometimes called hailstones (noun))

snow: (noun/verb) frozen rain that falls as white snowflakes.

snowflake: (noun) an individual piece of snow.

sleet: (noun/verb) snow or hail mixed with rain and usually wind – not nice!

blizzard: (noun) a very heavy snowstorm.


breeze: a gentle wind, lovely on a hot day!

blustery: strong winds that start and stop over a period of time.

windy: strong continuous winds.

gale: very strong winds.

hurricane/cyclone/typhoon: very strong winds, heavy rain – don’t go outside in one of these!

Thanks for reading, I’m off out to enjoy the warm sunshine – we have to make the most of it in England!

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