Pronouns 6: Interrogative Pronouns

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Anybody who is a fan of Sherlock Holmes or any crime drama on TV will have heard the word ‘interrogation’…to interrogate someone means ‘to ask’ them ‘a lot of questions for a long time to try to get information’. Interrogative pronouns are used to ask specific questions, so if a native speaker is talking to you and you hear one you’ll know you are being asked something because we only ever use them in questions.

The good news is that there are only five!

Easy to remember and use, try to memorise them and make things even simpler for yourself!

What (What do you want for dinner?)

Which (Which answer is correct?)

Who (Who do you think will win?)

Whom (To whom are you speaking?)

Whose (Whose coat is that?)

Tomorrow is the last of my seven day special explanations on different pronouns and we will be looking at indefinite pronouns.

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