Idiom of the day: “Smokes like a chimney”

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Idiom of the day: “Smokes like a chimney”

This means someone smokes too much. For example:

– “I don’t like that bar, the customers all smoke like chimneys in there… can we go somewhere else?”

–  Husband: “We need to save more money somehow, we’re broke”
–  Wife: “Well, that’s because you waste all of our money on cigarettes – you smoke like a chimney, you should try quitting!”

VOCAB TIP: a chimney is the part of a house (on the roof) that releases smoke from the cooking and heating fires inside. If you visit the UK, you can easily see these on the roofs of most houses – but there won’t be any smoke coming out, as people these days have modern central heating and cooking systems!


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