Three reasons why you should learn English using Skype.

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Learning a language using video chat software (like Skype or FaceTime) is getting more and more popular with every passing year. Incredibly in the last two years alone, the number of students learning English through Skype lessons has grown by more than 30%! BUT…there are still many people around the world who are missing out on this great opportunity. If you want to improve your English, you could be speaking to a native English teacher right now – whether you are sitting in your bedroom, relaxing on your sofa, or even on a break at work

Below are three reasons why you should be learning English using Skype:

1) Convenience – English lessons on Skype are convenient. Very, very convenient. You can take a lesson anywhere, anytime…all you need is a reliable internet connection, Skype software (free download here), and a headset or earphones (optional). A camera is also useful, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t have one – the most important thing is that you can see your teacher

Busy train in Japan

Skype lessons = no more annoying journeys to language schools!

2) Save time and money – No more annoying journeys to language schools on the other side of town in rush hour. No travel costs. No rushing home from work to try to get to your lesson on time. With Skype lessons you can plan your lessons around a schedule that is good for YOU.

3) Peronsalised 1-to-1 lessons – Many of our Skype students who study English in a language school, comment on how little time they actually get speaking directly with their native English teacher…and with 15 or more others students in a class, it is easy to see why

With a Skype lesson you always get a personalised 1-to-1 lesson experience with a professional native English speaking teacher – all for the same price as a language school lesson, maybe cheaper! I have personally seen students progress faster in just one month of taking 1-on-1 Skype lessons than many language school students do in a year!

So, what are you waiting for? Check your schedule, find a convenient time and join the thousands of others who have discovered the convenience and benefits of English lessons on Skype!

Skype lessons screenshot

Action shot of me in lesson! High quality video calls are perfect for great 1-to-1 lessons. The chat box on the right works as a useful white board too.

Our Trial lessons are completely free, so if you want to try a Skype lesson, there is no risk to you at all. All you need to do is choose an available day and time and provide us with your name and Skype ID – easy!

Whatever your level, I’d love to help you improve your English, – either click here to see my profile page, or, simply use the form below to book a free trial lesson with me right now!

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