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Q) Hi Michael, thank you for taking the time to speak to us today, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A) Hello everybody, my name’s Michael and I’m from England.

I am currently living in the Cotswolds, a really beautiful region of England! My wife Stephanie (also a teacher with Friendly Teachers) and I recently returned to the UK to have our first child so this is a really exciting time in our lives!

Michael and Stephanie in Japan

Q) Wow! congratulations to you both! You have taught more than 1,000 online English lessons, that’s a lot of lessons! Is there a difference between online learning and class room lessons at a language school?

A) Thank you! Online and classroom lessons are definitely very different – firstly, class room lessons are expensive! Secondly, in a class room it is very difficult for the teacher to focus on individuals, and unfortunately students get very little time speaking directly with a native English speaker.

Using video chat platforms, like Skype or FaceTime it is now possible for students to take a low price one to one lesson from their home, with a qualified native English teacher! It’s a great opportunity for English language students to have specially made lessons, improve very quickly and not even leave their house!

Q) Your students certainly seem to love your lessons! We get lots of positive emails about your lessons, especially the reviews that you provide after every class, is this an important part of your lessons? 

A) Of course! I always give my students the most detailed review possible. I believe that a detailed review of my class is very important in my students development. It gives them the opportunity to read through what we studied together and practice alone if they want. I always make sure to include notes on new words and phrases, grammar corrections, and examples of natural ways to say sentences and any other tips or advice that I think will be useful.

Q) You mention in your tutor profile that you have visited more than 50 countries – amazing! Do you have a favourite country?

A) This is a really difficult question! I have had amazing experiences everywhere I have been, though probably my favourite countries would be India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. India is a fantastic travel experience, and the people of Nepal and Sri Lanka are just so friendly and helpful, plus the nature and scenery is unbelievable.Michael in Nepal

I guess if I had to choose one, it would be Sri Lanka, it has a combination of the culture and food of India and the friendliness and beaches of Thailand. Although India is an incredible country to explore! I also loved Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia and New Zealand; there are too many amazing places in the world!

Q) You have also lived in seven different countries on three different continents! Is it difficult living  in many different cultures? Do you have any tips for students nervous to move abroad?

A) It can definitely be a challenge at times, Beijing was probably the most difficult, the air pollution was terrible and the difference between Eastern and Western cultures was bigger than anywhere else I’ve ever been. I do have some fantastic memories of my time there though, and I had the opportunity to try lots of strange and wonderful food, so I have no regrets!

Over the years I’ve learned that it is possible to be happy living anywhere, you just have to relax, explore the local customs and cultures, be open to new things and most importantly – always be positive!

Michael in Sri LankaQ) Thank you very much for your time Michael, we all really appreciate it! Do you have a quick message for your students?

A) Of course – be confident! Believe in yourself, be positive, don’t be afraid of making mistakes, and you’ll be communicating in English in no time! Remember, everyone makes mistakes, it is the best way of learning how to improve ourselves.

Good luck in your studies, thanks for reading my interview and I hope to speak with you soon!

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